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New batch of lamb available now from the farm shop: 500gr packs of dice/mince and chops/cutlets and racks.

Organic Beef for Christmas – the next batch will be available fresh first week of December.

Welcome to Coldwells Organic…

Coldwells is a 200 acre organic family-run mixed farm with a herd of 30 Aberdeen Angus suckler cows and 75 Shetland x cheviot sheep, situated at Largie near Insch.

Our aim is to provide top-quality Aberdeen Angus beef from our organic farm for the local market with the least cost to the environment.

Beef at Coldwells is reared to full organic standards certified by the Soil Association:

  • Farmed, and certified as organically reared at Coldwells organic farm (licence no. SG4581)
  • Slaughtered at a local abattoir: Scotbeef in Inverurie or John Munro at Dingwall
  • beef Butchered at a local butchers shop (Forbes Raeburn of Huntly).  They have won numerous butchering awards including the National Butcher of the Year 2011. 
  • Lamb butchered at Websters family butcher of Keith.

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You can be assured of:

  • Soil Association Certified Organically Reared Aberdeen Angus Beef Steers & Heifers
  • Grass/home-grown cereals fed
  • Traditionally hung for best flavour and texture
  • No routine medications used
  • Locally produced in Aberdeenshire
  • 100% Traceability
  • No added colouring in sausages and burgers

Organically Reared

Beef at Coldwells is reared to full organic standards certified by the Soil Association (SG4581).  However, we feel that the costs, complications and distances travelled to fully certify processing are working against our core aim: to deliver fresh organically reard beef locally, at a sustainable price.

Nearest organic registered butcher in Perth 150 miles away.

SA happy for licensees to use a local non-organic butcher if there is not an organic one within 30 miles of farm These abbatiors are not registerd as organic but are under strict European Legislation.  There is an organic registered abbatior at Granton upon Spey..  However, this is an 80 mile slow trip across windy mountain roads to reach and we feel it is far more stressful to take an animal this far. Scotbeef is just 13 miles from us so much more achievable.  

What does ‘Organic’ mean?

It means on our farm:

  • No routine medications are used on the animals. For example, no annual treatments for worms or drenches.
  • No vaccinations against pneumonia or foot rot. Obviously we treat our animals on the vets advice if they are ever sick
  • No growth promotors/antibiotics or colouring in animal feeds
  • No pesticides or herbicides used on any of the crops grown. No artifical fertilisers spread on the grass.
  • Enhancing biodiversity


  • 8 year crop rotation 5 years ley (grass) 3 years barley/root crops
  • Spread farmyard manure. Grow clover rich pastures
  • Timely with sowing crops (crops are sown later and thicker seed sowing rate when the soil is warmer)
  • Crops weeded with harrows
  • Harrowing/hand roguing of docks/thistles

Subject to a rigorous inspection once a year by the Soil Association and Quality Meat Scotland which takes a whole day.

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