November 2019

We had 60 students visiting from Aberdeen university as part of an animal welfare course all students enrolled on science and environmental courses need to do. It was rather a large number to accomodate but we managed although not sure they could all hear when Paul and I were saying things. Two days later we had a rushed visit from 2 farmers from Orkney who are considering going organic and they wanted to get first hand experience from us. Their visit couldn’t have come on a worse day – cold and wet, pouring with rain and sleet and we had very little time as we had to float sheep to the abbatoir and two or 3 other things going on too. However we managed a quick tour of the cattle courts and a cup of tea – of course and they asked lots of questions. We wish them well. We have all of the cows and spring calves inside now but the bull and heifers and stirks still outside. It’s very wet under foot but they’re not making too much mess. Still quite mild. Ther are 8 fat cattle inside finishing up on silage and a bit of barley and they will be off to the abbotoir at the beginning of December. The veg on the stall once a week in Insch on a Friday is selling well and people look out for it ther every firday. I have to say i was not very willing to set it up yesterday as I picked sprouts and dug leeks in sleet and wet at 7.30am!! Today is the Suffolk tups big day – this afternoon he will be let out amongst his ewes (we’ve only got 26) and the Ryland tup will go out with his 3! That’s the two Shetland ewews(still going strong – I think they are about 7 years old now and one other. And we’ve passed the 21st anniversary of moving to Coldwells this month! What a time it’s been!

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