November 2013

2013 has been a very dry and fine autumn with very little rain and mud. We are putting tups (rams) out 1 week later this year to co-inside with school holidays and extra lcasual labour in April. Have bought a new NZ Suffolk tup from our local reliable supplier at. The ewes and tups are currently looking longingly at each other through the fences!

February 2013

More ploughing/begin calving

December 2012

Weaning spring born calves/routine feeding cattle/sheep

October 2012

Possibly still harvesting grain crops!/baling and carting straw/storing & uplifting of grain/lifting tatties. 100 lambs have been sold, all achieving good prices and grades although the prices are not as good as last year.

September 2012

Harvesting grain crops/ sorting out ewes/selecting fat lambs/beef animals for sale. Has been a very busy “back end” as it is known. Have sold all the grain for good prices but there were big drying costs due to it coming off the combine quite damp, we expected nothing else after such an appalling summer. Not a partiularly impressive yield. It has sold as cattle feed to BOCM in Penrith. Very low on straw, not a good year, so we have had to buy in some but at least we don’t have to buy any silage.

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